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May 4, 2019

6 simple steps to plan a Fishing Adventure

  Fishing is not all about casting and catching a fish. It’s an adventure where hardship and techniques will be rewarded with a fresh delicious meal […]
April 23, 2019

Columbia River Fishing with one of the top Oregon Fishing Guides

  With spring chinook on the way, there is no better place to target these larger than life fish than on the Columbia River. The Columbia […]
January 4, 2019

What is the best boat for a beginner?

Fishing has always been a popular form of recreation among residents of large cities. However, in the angler’s life there comes a moment when he realizes […]
July 28, 2018

The crown jewel of all Fishing Beads, Stone Cold Beads!

Over the years, beads have become increasingly popular for use as a lure when fishing for salmon, tour, and steelhead.  Why? Because they work! The most commonly […]
June 3, 2018

The rugged smartphone phone for the rugged Outdoorsman

Blackview BV-9500   Here’ one for the hardcore outdoor enthusiast! Check out the new Blackview BV-9500 ultra rugged smartphone. This phone is the Superhero of all Smartphones […]