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December 28, 2022
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2022 Rogue River Fishing Info:


New Rogue River and South Coast steelhead fishing license products available for purchase; MyODFW app update needed


CENTRAL POINT, Ore.–The new Rogue-South Coast steelhead validation ($2 for residents/$4 for nonresidents) and wild steelhead harvest tag ($10 for residents/$20 for nonresidents) are now available for purchase online and at license sale agents.

Anglers using electronic tagging need to update their MyODFW app to the latest version (Version 3.01 available today in Google Play and Apple stores) to access the new harvest tag after purchase. Depending on your device settings, the app will automatically update or you’ll receive a notification to update.

Be sure to open your MyODFW app and check for both your validation and harvest tag before going fishing Jan. 1. Also, keep your app updated as additional changes/updates are coming soon.

New winter steelhead season and regulations begin Jan. 1 in the Rogue and South Coast rivers. The Rogue-South Coast steelhead validation will be required to fish for all winter steelhead (both hatchery and wild) in this area from Dec. 1-April 30, and the Rogue-South Coast wild steelhead harvest tag is also needed to keep wild winter steelhead.

For more information, check the Rogue-South Coast Steelhead Validation page.

ODFW and public stakeholder teams developed these requirements during the Rogue South Coast Multi-Species Conservation and Management Plan process. The new regulations have broad support from the stakeholders who represented anglers, conservationists, guides, and other local agencies.

The validation and harvest tags will give ODFW biologists more accurate angling and harvest data and help fund wild winter steelhead monitoring in the Rogue-South Coast area.



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