Fishing Basics Video Tutorials


Check out these great videos. Here are a few tutorials to help you get down some of the basics. Hope you enjoy!


Every angler absolutely must learn the art of knot tying. Poor knot tying skills spells more stories about the fish that got away, or lost tackle at the bottom of the sea. Here is a nice little tutorial video of the TOP 4 Knots Every Fisherman MUST KNOW.



Here is a quick tutorial on how to spool line on your reel from our friends at Shakespeare.




Here is a great video on how to tie a double beaded Marabou jig by Fishing Addicts Northwest.



Yarn balls can be very effective for attracting salmon and steelhead to your hook, here is a good tutorial on tying yarnball from Lunker Junkies.



The Corky and yarn are a main staple of many Northwest anglers. Here is a great video on the basics.



Jig Twitching fantastic. Check out Bent Rod Fishing’s video on twitchen Jigs.




Breakdown of the process of gutting and techniques used to preserve your salmon after the catch.



Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada gives the breakdown on how to properly fillet a salmon. Enjoy!


Addicted Bead Fishing Tutorial


Addicted Tutorial on Fishing Spinners