6 simple steps to plan a Fishing Adventure

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May 3, 2019
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Fishing is not all about casting and catching a fish. It’s an adventure where hardship and techniques will be rewarded with a fresh delicious meal in the woods. You’ll also learn the value of patience and feel stress-free after a fishing trip.

However, if you don’t plan ahead of your adventure, you may end up experiencing disaster. Even fun needs to be done with plans and techniques.

Let’s say, you come home from work and walk by a beautiful lake every day. You’ve been thinking about catching some fish there but hectic lifestyle won’t buzz.

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6 Steps on how to plan a fishing adventure


These are necessary steps that you should take to make your fishing trip safe and bountiful.


  1. Follow the States rules and regulations


Please check out the law of fishing and hunting in your area. Different states have different laws. Especially see what is required for you to obtain a fishing license.

Some part of the body of water you want to fish on might be restricted. Or maybe there are some threats like wild bear, cougars or dingos in some areas.

If you’re looking to fish from a boat or kayak, find a suitable place to dock the vessels. You’ll need the parking during campfire and resting intervals.


  1. The right time


Every angler puzzling question. When is the right time to fish in the day? And my answer is, none! Because there is no perfect time. Because Every Time of the day is perfect for fishing, even if it’s raining.

But I suggest if you want to go hiking and fishing, and planning the night in the woods, then start early in the morning.

And don’t go on an adventure, close by or far away, when you’ll have to get up early the next day and go to work. No folks. The true sensation of a fishing adventure will never work if have pending work left.


  1. Check out the weather


Bad weather can disrupt your fishing adventure and leave you clueless and exhausted. Never plan an outing if there’s a possible storm in your area.

And choose an overcast day over a sunny one. Your point of adventure surrounds the act of catching fish. A dark cloudy sky means you’ll likely to score some bites anywhere in the water. The shadow of the cloud provides cover and cools down the water.

Besides the visibility gets limited and fish fails to locate their food easily as they do on a sunny day. This causes the fish to wander around and a few of them end up in our dinner plate.


  1. Assemble the gears


You have to be really, and I mean really take this section seriously. You have a perfect memory. You can memorize an entire article just by reading it once. But please, create a checklist of gears and tools you’ll need and double check it before you go.

I suggest you also get at least a portable fish finder with GPS. Not only you’ll have easier time fishing but also help you determine your return spot, especially if you are in an unfamiliar body of water.


  1. Choose the right location


I meant two things by referring to the right location. First, you need to pick where you’re gonna fish. I suggest picking a familiar spot if you want to go alone. But for unfamiliar areas, bring a friend or a family member. You’ll find some local fishing club making plans and events for an awesome fishing trip.

And secondly, find a good spot to fish from. Cast your line close to tree shadows and where there are some bushes close to the shoreline. I can assure you to get a bite and possibly a big one.


  1. Safety


I can’t emphasize enough about the importance of safety. You need to have these following safety measures.


  • PFD (Compulsory when fishing from a vessel or if you don’t know how to swim)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray or lotion
  • A portable medikit (in case of any cut and other situations)
  • A satellite phone (optional)
  • Food & water
  • No alcohol
  • No fishing after dark
  • Let your family & local authorities to know before you go fishing (if you go alone)


At least try to get these steps as many as you can. Because you’re a life worth that much.




That’s it for today folks. I’m not saying these are the ultimate steps. There are plenty more you can do before you go on a fishing adventure. But these steps I mentioned in the article should be taken the least. Happy and safe fishing folks.

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