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2018 Rogue River Fishing Report
July 27, 2018
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August 7, 2018

Plastic Fishing Beads

Over the years, beads have become increasingly popular for use as a lure when fishing for salmon, tour, and steelhead.  Why? Because they work! The most commonly found fishing beads are made from plastic, painted lead, and glass. Fishing beads come in a variety of colors, most with the intent of trying to imitate the look and appearance of a real salmon egg.

Among the most popular and widely sold are plastic fishing beads. Plastic beads are very rugged and can be effective when presented to fish and the proper depth in the water. They come in virtually any color and size, but since they are buoyant it requires the use of lead weights to get them to an effective level in water that has medium to high flow rates. Unfortunately both the plastic beads and lead are pollutants and if snagged and broken off they pollute the ecosystem.

Lead Painted Fishing Beads

Painted Lead beads are effective as well, they get the lure to the necessary depths but after only a few casts the paint come off the lead and they are a pollutant as well.

Glass Beads are heavier than plastic and more rugged that led, but still, after a few casts in a rocky river, they tend to chip and break. Glass beads are less of a pollutant that plastic or lead but still a pollutant none the less.

Glass Fishing Beads

These were the leading factors that inspired one company to find a better way. The goal was to find a bead that required little or no weight to get to the appropriate water levels, that provided brilliant fish attracting colors, were rugged, and didn’t pollute our delicate ecosystems.

The solution, Stone Cold Beads! Stone Cold Beads is the one and only Fishing Beads manufacturer that uses real gemstones for their fishing beads. High-density strong beads made from real stone like Jade, Quartz, Agate, Aventurine, Coral, Quarzite, and more. Stone Cold Beads selects only the highest quality fish attracting colors for their stones as well. Best of all these natural stone beads are super effective for catching a variety of fish. One of the most effective ways to fish Stone Cold Beads is to drift them under a float. Add your favorite scent and it’s game on. Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead all go nuts for Stone Cold Beads. Try some for yourself and see why people are switching to our eco-friendly natural stone fishing beads. Once you fish Stone Cold beads you’ll never want to stop thrwoing our stones. Order your Stone Cold Beads today!



Stone Cold Beads – Orange Crusher Jade fishing beads.


Stone Cold Beads has taken it even a step further by creating their own custom line of spinners and spoons featuring their trademark gemstone fishing beads. These are fishing lure works of art. Hand twisted with all American hardware and Stone Cold Beads gemstones.

You will not find these fishing spinners and spoons anywhere else. These are custom handmade spoons and spinners from only the highest quality materials. Check out Stone Cold Beads Rock & Roll Spinners and Egg Drop Spoons!


Stone Cold Beads Salmon Fishing Spinners


Stone Cold Beads Hammered Egg Drop Casting Spoons for Salmon and Steelhead Fishing 



If you like their designs go to Stone Cold Beads today and order some for yourself. These are the best fishing spinners and spoons currently on the market and best of all at a very competitive price.


Stone Cold Beads
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Port Ludlow, WA 98365
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