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October 29, 2020
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One of the crown jewels of the Pacific Northwest is the diverse selection of sport fish available for anglers to target in the region. As long time Oregon fishing guides servicing this area, we have developed a love for the many species Oregon has to offer. The monster King, the elusive steelhead, the dinosaur sturgeon, marble eyed walleye, are among our favorite, but we also love the delicious lingcod and the tasty Rockfish. All worthy of the dinner table and wonderful stories we get to share after catching them. We take pride in helping our clients catch these amazing fish every year. After almost two decades you’d think we might have become tired of the endless rise and shine in the early hours of the morning, trudging gear in and out of the boat and all the other not so fun stuff that comes along with it.



This is simply not the case for myself and my crew of seasoned Portland Fishing Guides. As I get to experience the joy of chasing and catching these elusive creatures over and over again, I especially take pride in getting new comers involved in the spirt. Especially when they themselves get hooked when they feel the awesome power of Mother Nature’s underwater beast struggling in the battle for survival.

It’s man against the monsters of the deep, and the pay off in the end is fresh meat in the freezer.
One thing for certain Oregon is definitely one of the best places in the world to fish for salmon and steelhead. With Huge runs of literally millions of fish coming up the Columbia every year many never leave her waters. However the Columbia is not the only game in town. The Willamette, Umpqua, McKenzie, Sandy, and the Clackamas just to name a few and many not far from Portland.

However if you take a little trip down to the Southwest Oregon you can find world record salmon and steelhead lurking in the Rogue and Smith rivers or the solid brood stock runs in the Wilson and Trask. A couple other awesome places are the Alsea, Sixes river or the Chetco. All awesome salmon and steelhead fisheries. Looking for something with a little more substance. Coastal Halibut or Lingcod will cure your fix, or you can head back to the Columbia and chase the dinosaur, the infamous white sturgeon.

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Looking for awesome table fodder, fresh water walleye, sea perch or crappie are among the best eating fish in the world. The upper Columbia is renowned for excellent walleye, just below the John Day dam you’ll find Oregon fishing guides targeting these world record class fish along with bass and salmon and steelhead.



Hit the Oregon coast at Newport, Tillamook, and Coos bay for salmon, ling and rockfish. Also there’s some great Halibut fishing during the summer but season are limited. The majority of the fishing action takes place around Oregon. Healthy runs of salmon and ample opportunities for sturgeon all can be caught within about an hour from Portland. The Gilbert River is one of the main Sturgeon go to hot spot. However, over the years sturgeon fishing been limited or restricted.

The Multnomah Channel however is a Sturgeon fishing main stay for many Oregon Sturgeon Guides as well as walleye, steelhead, shad, bass and catfish as well as various other species. One of the closest places to get in on the action is the Willamette River. Tom McCall Park and Willamette Park offer excellent walk in opportunities but the Columbia has the most fishing access of all the fishing destination in Oregon.


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