2022 Grande Ronde River Fishing Report

Columbia River Chinook retention reopens below Warrior Rock Oct. 1st
September 29, 2021
2022 Nooksack River Fishing Report
January 27, 2022

Grande Ronde River Bridge. SR 129, Washington, Vichogue

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2015 Grande Ronde River Fishing Report:



Grande Ronde River steelhead fishery update


Action: Reduces the hatchery steelhead daily limit to one fish. Anglers must stop fishing for the day once their hatchery steelhead daily limit has been retained.

Effective date: Jan. 4 through April 15, 2022.

Species affected: Steelhead.

Location: Grande Ronde River from Mouth to the Washington/Oregon state line.

Reason for action: The 2021 Columbia River forecasted return for upriver steelhead was 89,200. These measures are consistent with the discussions and actions taken from North of Falcon pre-season season setting process due to a low forecast. Steelhead passage at Bonneville Dam remains the lowest count on record. WDFW has coordinated with co-managers, and while the overall return is low, current estimates of natural and hatchery-origin fish returning to the Grande Ronde are sufficient to allow for limited recreational fisheries to continue with reduced daily limits.

Additional information: All steelhead with unclipped adipose fins must be immediately released unharmed. Anglers must adhere to Selective Gear Rules when fishing for steelhead downstream of County Road Bridge and use barbless hooks when fishing upstream of the bridge. WDFW requires that all Washington licensed anglers cease fishing for the day once they have retained their daily steelhead limit.

Anglers should be sure to identify their catch, as Chinook and coho salmon may be present during this fishery and are not open to harvest. Anglers cannot remove any Chinook, coho or steelhead from the water if it is not retained as part of the daily bag limit. Anglers are reminded to refer to the 2021-22 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet for other regulations, including possession limits, safety closures, etc.

WDFW will continue to monitor steelhead returns and may update rules as additional information becomes available.

Information contact: Jeremy Trump, District 3 Fish Biologist, 509-382-1005.


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