Columbia River Chinook retention reopens below Warrior Rock Oct. 1st

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September 29, 2021
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January 2, 2022

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2021 Columbia River Fishing Report:


CLACKAMAS, Ore.—Effective Friday, Oct. 1 through Oct. 31, the Columbia River will reopen to adult and jack Chinook salmon retention below Warrior Rock, fishery managers from Oregon and Washington decided today.

From Buoy 10 upstream to the Tongue Point/Rocky Point Line, the adult bag limit will be three salmon, only one of which may be a Chinook.

From the Tongue Point/Rocky Point Line upstream to Warrior Rock, the adult bag limit will be two salmon, only one of which may be a Chinook.

Only hatchery coho may be retained. All other previously adopted regulations remain in effect, including the daily jack bag limit of five per day in Oregon.

These areas closed to Chinook retention prematurely due to higher-than-expected catch rates and mortality of lower river natural (LRH) tule Chinook, an ESA-listed stock that is managed under strict harvest guidelines.

By late September, the majority of LRH tule Chinook have entered tributaries so handle of this Chinook stock should be minimal in the mainstem Columbia. Given the current projected upriver bright Chinook run size and updated harvest expectations, fishery managers felt comfortable reopening Chinook retention below Warrior Rock.

Steelhead fishing remains closed on the Columbia River and with this year’s steelhead passage at Bonneville Dam the lowest on record, anglers are reminded to do all they can to avoid steelhead.

With multiple commercial and recreational fisheries ongoing in the lower Columbia River, spring salmon fishing guides and sports fishing anglers should remain alert for the presence of commercial fishing operations, especially at dawn and dusk when drift nets may be harder to see.

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