2022 Nooksack River Fishing Report

2022 Grande Ronde River Fishing Report
January 2, 2022
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May 16, 2022


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2022 Nooksack River Fishing Report:




Nooksack River sections reopen to gamefish per 2021-22 permanent fishing rules


Action: Reopens gamefish in areas of the Nooksack River under rules listed in the 2021-2022 Washington Sport Fishing Rules Pamphlet.


Effective date: Jan. 22, 2022


Species affected: Gamefish, including hatchery winter steelhead.


Location: Nooksack River mainstem, North Fork, Middle Fork, and South Fork.


Reason for action: The Kendall hatchery steelhead broodstock goal has been met.


Additional information: Fishing seasons were closed throughout the Nooksack River to maximize egg-take for the hatchery winter steelhead return in a year when fewer fish were forecast than what would be needed to make the broodstock goal. The broodstock goal has been met so remaining hatchery winter steelhead are harvestable surplus that can be targeted and retained per the 2021-2022 Washington Sport Fishing Rules. Sections will close per the regulation pamphlet closure dates.


Information contact: Team Mill Creek: 425-775-1311 or [email protected]


This concludes our 2022 Nooksack River Fishing Report.


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