2018 Lewis River Fishing Report

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November 27, 2018
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December 19, 2018


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2018 Lewis River Fishing Report.




Salmon retention reopens, area closures lifted on the Lewis River and Cedar Creek

Action:  Restores angling rules on the Lewis River and Cedar Creek to those listed in the 2018-19 Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet.

Effective dates:  Dec. 6, 2018.

Species affected:  All species.

Locations:   Lewis River: from the mouth to Colvin Creek.  Cedar Creek: from the mouth to the Grist Mill Bridge.

Reason for action:  The Lewis River wild fall chinook salmon run has improved and is currently projected to meet the escapement goal for this population. The hatchery coho return has also improved and the hatchery broodstock goal is expected to be met. 

Additional information:  Fishing remains closed on the Lewis River above Colvin Creek under a permanent rule, but will reopen on Dec.16.  All other permanent rules remain in effect.  Anglers should refer to the Sport Fishing Rules Pamphlet for complete rule information. https://fortress.wa.gov/dfw/erules/efishrules/erule.jsp?id=2254

Information Contact: Tom Wadsworth, District Fish Biologist, (360) 906-6709. 


This concludes our 2018 Lewis River Fishing Report.


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