2021 Cowlitz River Fishing Report

2021 Columbia River Fishing Report
March 24, 2021
2021 Umatilla River spring chinook season to close on April 16th
April 15, 2021


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2021 Cowlitz river fishing report:


Steelhead Season on the Cowlitz is in Full Swing


Steelhead season is in full swing on the Cowlitz right now with more anglers on the river than fish. Interestingly enough it’s pretty much been a bead show. Traditional baits like roe and coon shrimp haven’t been producing as consistently as in the past. The various orange colored fishing beads seem to be the ticket. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s hard beads or soft beads for now fishing beads is what has been working the best.


This concludes our 2021 Cowlitz River Fishing Report by the Lunker’s Guide


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Horker Soft Baits “Monster Chomps” a Cowlitz River favorite


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