2015 Skookumchuck River Steelhead Season

2015 Quillayute River Steelhead Season
March 18, 2015
2015 Hoh River Steelhead Season
March 18, 2015

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2015 Skookumchuck River Fishing Report:

The Steelhead season on the Skookumchuck has been hot hot this year. As of now the catch numbers have been great and anglers are still limiting on a regular basis. The hatchery has reported that they currently have there egg take for the season and they have been recycling fishing to the lower areas of the river. We are at about the middle of the Skookumchuck river Steelhead season right now so there are still plenty of bright fish left for anglers to pursue. Our official Lunker’s Guide Steelhead fishing forecast for the Skookumchuck is good to Excellent.


This concludes our 2015 Skookumchuck River fishing report.


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Lunker’s Guide 2015 Skookumchuck River fishing report!


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