2014 Van Winkle Creek Fishing Report

Posted by on October 26, 2014


Lunker Alert!!!




2014 Van Winkle Creek fishing report: Was at Van Winkle creek the other day pitching eggs. Tons of bites but no hooks set. A guy comes up and stands a ways from me casting a spinner for about 10 minutes and BAM! He catches an 8lbs ultra bright Coho. I asked him what colors he was using? and he said he was using a chartreuse blue fox #4. I just happen to have one in my tackle bag, so I started pitching the spinner and Whammy nailed a 2lbs Jack Coho.  If you’re fishing the Van Winkle if the eggs fail you give the Lime Green / Chartreuse spinner a try.


This concludes our 2014 Van Winkle Creek fishing report.


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