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2015 Snohomish River Fishing Report
January 22, 2015
2015 Cowlitz River Fishing Report
January 25, 2015


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Washington Steelhead Fishing Report


Steelhead runs have been hit and miss so far this year, but we are expecting February and March to offer up some decent Steelhead opportunities. Here is a summary of what we are looking at right now for Washington state and Steelhead Fishing.



The Cowlitz River is the big gun for Steelhead right now the early winter run is done but the late winter stock are starting to show. Up near the dam would be a good choice since the hatchery up there is reporting around a hundred fish per day in the traps.


The Columbia River is still pretty slow for Steelhead this time of year. Fish are being caught but not is big numbers best bet are Petaros, out at the mouth of the Methow river or a little further up the road at the Okanogan.


The Quillayute River system Steelhead run has tapered and the action is starting to slow. The Dickey,  Bogachiel, and Calawah are lacking in any significant numbers with the Sol Duc producing the highest returns right now. If you are looking to fish for Steelhead in the Quillayute river system right now, the Sol Duc would be your best.


Skagit River is showing decent numbers. Steelhead numbers are increasing up at the Marble mount hatchery making the upper the most productive for anglers. The Cascade is a viable option as well.


Snohomish River system Steelhead run is tapering but there are still opportunities available. The Upper Skykomish river at Rieter Ponds and the confluence with Wallace river are still productive and the Tokol hatchery on the Snoqualmie River is reporting fair numbers as well.


The Stillaguamish River trout hatchery is reporting decent Steelhead numbers in the traps right now making the Stillaguamish a potential go-to spot for Steelhead fishing.

The Wynoochee river Steelhead season is heating up. Pretty good trap numbers showing at the hatchery right now making the Wynoochee another good option for Steelhead.


The Washougal River Steelhead run is dying down quite a bite. My guy at the hatchery said the trap counts are almost nothing but the lower Washougal is still productive for now.


Thanks for reading our 2015 Lunker’s Guide Lunker Alert! Fishing report.

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