2022 Umpqua River Fishing Report

Fishing closures in Deschutes River this summer to protect steelhead Trout fishing to remain open
May 25, 2022
2022 Columbia River Fishing Report 6-02-22
June 2, 2022



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2022 Umpqua River Fishing Report


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Emergency fishing restrictions now in effect for Umpqua River


ROSEBURG, Ore – Beginning today, angling at the mouth of all Umpqua River tributaries is prohibited from Scottsburg Bridge upstream to River Forks boat ramp. Angling is closed within 200 feet from all portions of a tributary’s mouth and in the tributaries themselves from the mouth to 200 feet upstream.

This rule is in effect through Sept. 30, 2022.

The rule protects wild summer steelhead, early returning fall chinook, and other native fish which are vulnerable while holding in colder water near tributary mouths during summer. Although spring has been wetter and cooler, Umpqua River water temperatures quickly rise in summer and much of Douglas County remains in abnormally dry to drought conditions.

Anglers are reminded retention of wild adult and jack spring chinook is prohibited through June 30 in the mainstem Umpqua River.

In the North Umpqua River, wild adult spring chinook retention is allowed one per day, 10 per year through June 30.

When summer in the Umpqua Valley heats up, practice these tips for hot weather angling:

  • Fish during the cooler early mornings.
  • Land your fish quickly to help increase survival rates.
  • Keep your fish in at least six inches of water while releasing it.
  • Revive the fish before release. Keep the fish upright facing into the current; if the current is slow, move the fish back and forth slowly to help oxygenate the gills.


This concludes our 2022 Umpqua River Fishing Report


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