2016 Columbia River Fishing Report

2016 Carbon River Fishing Report
September 5, 2016
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2016 Chehalis River Fishing Report
September 13, 2016

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2016 Columbia River Fishing Report:


Columbia River steelhead daily limit reduced to one fish upstream of the McNary Dam

Action: The current two (2) hatchery steelhead daily limit is reduced to one (1) hatchery steelhead, consistent with all other downstream steelhead fisheries.

Effective dates:  Sept. 15 through Dec. 31, 2016.       

Species affected:  Hatchery steelhead.

Location:  Columbia River from McNary Dam upstream to the Highway 395 Bridge in Pasco (CRC 533), including the Snake River Confluence Protection Area (see page 53 in the 2016-17 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet).

Reason for action:  The total (hatchery and wild fish) forecast for Upper Columbia River (UCR) steelhead passage at Priest Rapids Dam this year is much less than expected. UCR steelhead are listed as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act. Passage projections are well below broodstock and natural escapement targets.

Reducing the daily steelhead limit now, rather than in November as scheduled, will provide additional conservation measures intended to increase the number of natural spawning fish.  Reduced bag limits in downstream mainstem Columbia River fisheries began Aug. 1downstream of Bonneville Dam, and Sept. 1 downstream of McNary Dam. 

All other regulations published in the fishing pamphlet continue to apply to the fishery affected by this rule change.

Information contacts:  John Easterbrooks, Region 3 Fish Program Manager, (509) 457-9330 (Yakima); or Jeff Korth, Region 2 Fish Program Manager, (509) 754-4624 (Ephrata)


This concludes our 2016 Columbia River Fishing Report


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