2015 Nooksack River Fishing Report

2015 Wilson River Fishing Report
December 18, 2015
2015 Skookumchuck river fishing report
December 23, 2015


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2015 Nooksack River Fishing Report: 


Fishing rule change on the Nooksack river. 


Hatchery steelhead retention reopens in Nooksack River, Whatcom Creek 

Action: Open the North and Middle Forks of the Nooksack River to fishing; open the South Fork, mainstem Nooksack River and Whatcom Creek to hatchery steelhead retention.

Effective date: Dec. 25, 2015

Species affected: Steelhead and other gamefish

Locations and specific actions:

  • The mainstem Nooksack River from Lummi Indian Reservation boundary to the confluence of the North and South Forks: hatchery steelhead retention allowed.
  • The South Fork Nooksack from mouth to Skookum Creek: Hatchery steelhead retention allowed.
  • Whatcom Creek from mouth to yellow markers below foot bridge below Dupont Street: Hatchery steelhead retention allowed.
  • The Middle Fork Nooksack from mouth to city of Bellingham diversion dam: Reopened to all fishing.
  • The North Fork from mouth to Nooksack Falls: Reopened to all fishing.

Reasons for action: The Kendall Creek Hatchery has met egg take, therefore restrictions are no longer necessary.


Information contact: Mill Creek Regional Office, 425 775-1311


This concludes our 2015 Nooksack River North Fork Fishing Report.


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