2014 Quilcene River Fishing Report

2014 Sandy River Fishing Report
September 10, 2014
2014 Washougal River Fishing Report
September 15, 2014


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2014 Quilcene river fishing report: The Coho fishing is good to fair on the Quilcene, but it’s getting harder to catch them due to the large numbers of Chum coming up the river. Unfortunately the Coho run is going to die down here pretty soon, so if your looking to fish the Quilene, this week will pretty much be the last gasp for the run. Corky and Yarn or yarn with a hook and weight at the bottom are the most common gear being used. Be Aware this is a Selective Gear fishery, so be sure to check your fishing regs to be sure you’ll have the appropriate gear. This concludes our 2014 Quilcene River fishing report.


For more information on Quilcene River salmon fishing CLICK HERE!


Lunker’s Guide 2014 Quilcene River fishing report!

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