2016 Santiam River Fishing Report

2016 Lewis River Fishing Report
January 12, 2016
2016 Wynoochee River Fishing Report
January 13, 2016

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2016 Santiam River Fishing Report: 


SANTIAM RIVER (NORTH FORK): steelhead, Chinook

Summer steelhead continue to be present throughout the river, mostly between Mehama and Packsaddle Park. Winter steelhead are also starting to trickle into the basin, although numbers are still fairly low. Flows have returned to more normal conditions in recent days and the water clarity has improved as well.

When the ‘bite’ is on, bobbers and jigs are the preferred angling method with spoons, spinners and egg clusters also being effective. Currently the entire river below Packsaddle Park (near the Minto Fish Facility) is open year-round to hatchery steelhead. Trout harvest season begins May 22.

River levels best for fishing are below 3,000 cfs at the Mehama gauge (the Mehama gauge was at 2,700 cfs as of Jan. 11). Current conditions


Regulation changes for 2016 makes this section a year-round fishery. The river will be stocked as in previous years starting in May. Anglers may keep up to 5 trout per day. This section of river is closed to salmon fishing.

SANTIAM RIVER (SOUTH FORK): steelhead, Chinook, bass

Flows have returned to normal for the season and water clarity has improved as well. Current flows (as of Jan. 11) are around 2,800 cfs as measured at Waterloo, although the forecast calls for rain this week which will likely bring flows up. When flows do return to normal anglers can target summer steelhead, which can still be found in fair numbers in the upper sections. A few newly arrived winter steelhead may also be available. Best sections to fish are from Wiley Creek to Pleasant Valley boat ramps, around Waterloo County Park, and from Lebanon down to the confluence with the North Santiam.

This concludes our 2016 Santiam River Fishing Report.



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