2016 Chetco River Fishing Report

2016 Wilson River Fishing Report
February 10, 2016
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February 11, 2016


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2016 Chetco River Fishing Report:


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CHETCO RIVER: steelhead

Lower flows this week has slowed steelhead fishing. This is a good time of year to start targeting steelhead with flies, spinners, and plugs as water temperatures increase and fish become more active. Although there are quite a few fresh steelhead around, anglers are starting to see some spawned out fish in there catch.


Tip of the day: To get the best results, try to stay off the holes and cast farther using smaller presentations during low water levels. This will increase the likely hood of coaxing the fish to bite rather than be spooked.


This concludes our 2016 Chetco River Fishing Report



Chetco River Water Levels and Flow Rates



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