2015 Umpqua River Fishing Report

2015 Rogue River Fishing Report
November 17, 2015
2015 Kalamath River Fishing Report
November 17, 2015


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2015 Umpqua River Fishing Report:


Latest Report from the ODFW-  


UMPQUA RIVER, MAINSTEM: steelhead, coho

The mainstem Umpqua is closed to wild steelhead harvest, but remains open year-round for adipose fin-clipped steelhead. The mainstem Umpqua is closed for catch-and-release trout fishing. Opportunities to harvest hatchery coho still exist in the mainstem Umpqua, with some anglers having success around River Forks.

Please note the changes in regulations this year on page 40 of the 2015 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations booklet. On the Main, anglers can harvest 2 wild spring Chinook per day and up to 5 wild springers from Feb. 1 – June 30. From July 1– Dec. 31, you can harvest 2 wild Chinook per day, and in combination with the other salmon/steelhead recorded on your salmon tag, up to 20 fish total. Fin-clipped hatchery fish can be recorded on a separate hatchery harvest tag that is available. There is no limit on the number of hatchery tags that can be purchased. Daily limits still apply.

The 50 Places to go fishing within 60 minutes of Roseburg,” handout which is available online or at the office, identifies several good places for salmon and steelhead fishing.



Hatchery summer steelhead are still being caught in the North Umpqua. Remember all wild steelhead must be released unharmed. Try around Rock Creek for best results.

Note that from October 1 through December 31 and January 1 through June 30, fishing in the fly water area is restricted to fly angling only with a single barbless hook. Per the new regulation on page 40 of the 2015 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations booklet, from Feb. 1 – July 31, 2 wild Chinook per day can be harvested and up to 10 wild Chinook during this time frame in combination with wild Chinook harvested in the Main.

Remember that from March 1 through July 31 the anti-snagging gear restrictions apply on the North from the Lone Rock boat ramp upstream to the fly area boundary above Rock Creek. The Mainstem from Soda Springs Dam, including Soda Springs Reservoir, up to Slide Creek Dam is closed year-round to fishing.

North Umpqua River water levels at Winchester Dam



The South Umpqua is currently closed to all fishing until Dec. 1.


This concludes our 2015 Umpqua River Fishing Report


Umpqua River Water Flow Rate


Umpqua River Flow Rates



Umpqua River Water Levels

Umpqua River Water Levels




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