2015 Kenai River Fishing Report

2015 Samish River Fishing Report
September 5, 2015
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September 10, 2015


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2015 Kenai River Fishing Report:


Lower Kenai River — September is a great time to go silver salmon fishing on the Kenai River. Mid-September usually sees great fishing all the way from Cunningham Park all the way up to the Kenai Keys area. Popular shore access spots include the boardwalks at the Soldotna Visitor’s Center, Morgan’s Landing, Izzac Walton State Park, and Bing’s Landing.

Bait and treble/multiple hooks can be used in Skilak Lake, and in the mainstem Kenai River from the Upper Killey River downstream to the mouth of the Kenai at Cook Inlet, until the closure of the silver salmon season on November 30.

Upper Kenai River (above Skilak Lake) — Excellent silver fishing can be found from Cooper Landing downstream to the Kenai Canyon from mid-September to about the second week of October. No bait is allowed, and anglers must use single hooks (a single hook has only 1 point), with gap between point and shank no larger than 3/8-inch.

In the mainstem Kenai River (including Skilak Lake), as well as the Russian River area, once you keep your bag limit of silvers, you are done fishing for the day in those waters. Bag and possession limits for silvers vary depending on the waters you are fishing. Be sure to check regulations before you go fishing.


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