2016 Sandy River Fishing Report

2016 Nisqually River Fishing Report
January 4, 2016
2016 Lewis River Fishing Report
January 4, 2016


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2016 Sandy River Fishing Report:

The Sandy River has continued to produce good numbers of winter steelhead for anglers who went out and withstood the wind, cold, and ice over the past few days. The hatchery has already seen decent early return numbers and began recycling fish back down to the Lewis and Clark boat ramp a couple weeks ago. They’ve moved over 80 winters back downstream to give anglers another shot at hooking them. Interested anglers can identify a recycled steelhead by a simple hole punch found in the right side gill plate cover of the fish.

A typical rule of thumb for the Sandy River is if snow levels are above 4,000 feet it could be a bit off but when below 4,000 feet angling conditions get good. With snow levels expected to stay at or below 4,000 feet into the weekend now is the time for hooking into a few winter steelhead on the Sandy.


This concludes our 2016 Sandy River Fishing Report.



Sandy River Water Levels and Flow Rate



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