Salsbury Point

Salsbury Point, near Port Gamble and Hood Canal bridge.


Located in Port Gamble, WA


Salsbury Point Fishing:

Salsbury point is one of the best Coho fisheries in the state, but you may catch the occasional King or Pink. Silvers feed here until the make they begin their final journey to the spawning grounds. Best time to be there is during the early morning bit from the crack of dawn until about 4 hours after sun up. The evening bit is generally not as productive but best times are about 4 hours before sundown until dark. High tide are fruitful as well.  Salsbury Point fishing access is on park grounds only. Be sure not to trespass on the adjoining private property, if the local sheriff catches you wondering to far off park grounds, he has no problems dishing out fines.


Salmonid Species:


Chinook Salmon

Silver Salmon

Coho Salmon


Pink Salmon


Chum Salmon


When to Fish

Marine Area 9 Salmon Run Chart

Salmon Run Information provided by WDFW and Washington State Hatcheries.


The Silvers run hot and heavy up and down this point starting in July and feed here until the begin to spawn in August. This Lunker location can be productive for Coho up to September before the run finally dies off.

**See Washington State fishing REGS for exact times.



Daily Limits

This fishery generally allows 2 Coho per day, Min size of 12″ in length.

**See Washington State fishing REGS for details.



Preferred Fishing Tackle:

Cut Plug Herring, Buzzbombs, Super bait, and spinners.






Herring, Anchovy, Shrimp.


Tackle Tips:
Cut plug is by far the most productive at this location, Next Superbait then buzzbombs and lastly Spinners.


Combat Fishing Rating:

Stacked! Over the years this place has become really popular. Generally anglers are stacked about 6 feet apart when the run is hot. Get there early to secure your spot or you may get pinched out.



Salsbury Point Fishing Access:

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