Elliot Bay Fishing Pier in Seattle, WA


Located in Seattle,WA



Elliot Bay Fishing Pier:

Elliot bay fishing pier is located on Terminal 86 near downtown Seattle. The pier is open year round for fishing and is a great place to hook up with Kings when they are running.


Salmonid Species:


Chinook Salmon

Silver Salmon

Coho Salmon


Pink Salmon


Chum Salmon



When to Fish

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This location is open year round to Salmon fishing.

**See Washington State fishing REGS for exact times.



Daily Limits

This fishery generally allows 2 Salmon per day.

**See Washington State fishing REGS for details.



Preferred Fishing Tackle:

Cut Plug Herring, Buzzbombs, Super bait, and spinners






Herring, Anchovy, Shrimp


Tackle Tips:
Cut plug is by far the most productive at this location, Next Superbait then buzzbombs and lastly Spinners.


Combat Fishing Rating:

Stacked! Over the years this place has become really popular. Generally anglers are stacked about 6 feet apart when the run is hot. Get there early to secure your spot or you may get pinched out.



Elliot Bay Fishing Pier Access:

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