Chico Creek – At The Mouth


Located Between Silverdale and Bremerton, WA


Chico Creek Fishing:

Chico Creek is located in Kitsap County and offers Washington anglers some great salmon Fishing opportunities. Both Coho and Chum spawn in this little creek but there are a few important things to know. The first is that anglers are not allowed to actually fish in Chico creek because it is closed to all fishing. However, do not despair! although you will need a saltwater fishing license, the mouth is opened to salmon fishing. Boundaries to the allowed fishing access area are clearly marked. Do not! I repeat do not! fish in the restricted area. WDFW game wardens frequent this location often and I have seen then readily ticket fisherman.


Salmonid Species:

Silver Salmon

Coho Salmon


Chum Salmon


When to Fish

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This area is generally open to salmon retention starting in July till the end of the year January 31.

**See Washington State fishing REGS for exact times.



Bag Limit

This fishery generally allows 2 Salmon per day, Min size of 12″ in length.

**See Washington State fishing REGS for details.



Recommended Fishing Tackle:

One single point barbless hook. Corky and yarn, Jigs or spinners,



Herring, Salmon Eggs



Herring, Salmon Eggs, and Sand Shrimp


Tackle Tip!!!

When fishing this Lunker location for best results we recommend drifting or plunking eggs, next best option is an orange corky and yarn or orange with salmon egg stink. Also when the run is hot an orange colored blue fox number 4 can be very effective as well.



Combat Fishing Rating:

Moderate Combat! Guys can be stacked anywhere from 6 to 10 feet apart on a hot run day.



Fishing Access Points:

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