Eagle Creek at Bonnie Lure State Recreation Area.

Eagle Creek at Bonnie Lure State Recreation Area.

Located in Clackamas County, OR


Eagle Creek Fishing:

Eagle creek located in Clackamas county, Oregon offers up some excellent Salmon and Steelhead fishing opportunities for any angler looking to catch some grade A+ meat for the freezer. With Spring Chinook, Fall Coho and Winter Steelhead Eagle creek is hard to beat when it comes to fishing for lunkers. Eagle creek also offers decent fishing access for those looking to enjoy this little creek. For more info see our Eagle creek fishing access map below.


Salmonid Species:


Chinook Salmon

Silver Salmon

Coho Salmon



When to Fish

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Hatchery Salmon and Steelhead angling is generally year round but some areas may have early closures for specific species. Always be sure to be up to date on the regulation to ensure you’re not violating the law.

**See Oregon State Department of Fish and Wildlife REGS for exact times.



Daily Limits

This fishery generally allows 2 adult salmon or steelhead per day and up to 5 jacks.

**See Oregon State Department of Fish and Wildlife REGS for details.



Preferred Fishing Tackle:

There are several types of effective tackle that can be used at Eagle creek. Barbless Hooks are required, plunking is not recommended because this is a relatively shallow body of water. Spinners are effective, Jigs in a variety of colors work as well. Lime Green, Pinks and Orange colors seem to be effective, also fly’s or corky and yarn can produce nice results.


Salmon Eggs.



Sand Shrimp, or Salmon Egg.


Tackle Tips:
Top Recommendation for this location is plunking or drifting sand shrimp or eggs. next possibly a steelhead jig, or corky and yarn and lastly spinners.


Combat Fishing Rating:

Hand to Hand. Eye protection recommended in the hot spots!


Eagle Creek Fishing Access:

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